Damien Contandriopoulos (Ph.D.) obtained the PoCoSa research chair in October 2014 while he was associate professor of nursing at the University of Montreal, co-director of the KT platform of the Quebec Nursing Intervention Research Network (RRISIQ) and a researcher at the University of Montreal Public Health Research Institute (IRSPUM).

In January 2018, Damien was hired at the University of Victoria School of Nursing. Unfortunately the PoCoSa research chair did not survive this move. After a long and painful agony between 2018 and 2020, the chair finally ended its activities.

When Damien was still doing research, his main areas of research were focused on analyzing health policy-making processes, the use of evidence in decision-making, and high-performing healthcare delivery models. His research projects were mostly examining the policy debate on healthcare services privatization, the characteristics of promising models of primary care delivery, and the policy preferences of major stakeholders in healthcare system reform.