Public Presentations

Training, Guidance, Evaluation.


The mission of the Pocosa Research Chair is to support the development and implementation of reforms to improve healthcare system performance and sustainability in Canada.

This mission is being operationalized on several levels:

  • by launching ambitious research projects from the broader perspective of integrated knowledge translation;
  • by fostering the training of the next generation of researchers through graduate and postgraduate scholarships and fellowships;
  • by setting up processes for exchange and knowledge translation involving: a) different care settings eager to try innovative practice models; b) policy-makers introducing reforms; and c) managers charged with implementing these reforms.

In pursuing their mission, the Research Chair team and collaborators develop recommendations based on research evidence, systematic reviews and case studies. These recommendations are aligned with specific contexts and result from the iterative interplay of fieldwork, observations and research. Visit our website for examples of how these principles are operationalized.

To submit a proposal to collaborate with the Chair on its mandate of organizing and evaluating primary care services, or to request information about the Chair and its activities, please contact Mélanie Perroux, Director of Pocosa.


Conferences and Workshops


Impact of the bill 10 in the Health and Social Services Network, February 4th 2015: 5-7pm organized by Espace Santé with Diane Lavallée and Damien Contandriopoulos.