Stakeholders Project / Key Actors

Project description and overall objective


There appears to be a general consensus that the major impediment to achieving the objectives of reforms applied in Quebec’s healthcare system over the past 20 years, in terms of performance and service organization, is not a lack of knowledge about the nature of the malfunctions, but rather political obstacles to the application of the solutions identified.

The research project entitled Comment réformer le système de santé ? Perceptions des acteurs-clés des forces du système de santé au Québec, des problèmes et des solutions pour améliorer la performance et garantir sa pérennité / How to reform the health care system: Stakeholders’ views about problems and solutions to increase performance and ensure sustainability therefore proposes:

1) to analyze the positions of different stakeholders regarding strengths, problems and solutions to improve the system’s performance and sustainability;

2) and to identify the best ways of implementing the changes needed to improve Quebec’s healthcare system.

The project design has two components: a series of qualitative interviews with stakeholders that will be used, among other things, to develop a quantitative survey of physicians, nurses, and managers in the health network.

The results of the analysis of the interviews in the first component are available on the site of the Canada Research Chair in Evaluation and Health Care System Improvement (CRC-Easy). Implementation of the second component is in progress.

This research project has received funding from CIHR.



Principal investigator
Astrid Brousselle (Ph.D.), Université de Sherbrooke.

Damien Contandriopoulos (Ph.D.), Université de Montréal; Mylaine Breton (Ph.D.), Université de Sherbrooke; Jeannie Haggerty (Ph.D.), McGill University; Michèle Rivard (D.Sc.; M.Sc.), Université de Montréal.

Research coordinator
Geneviève Champagne, Charles-LeMoyne Hospital Research Centre.

Marie-Dominique Beaulieu (M.D., M.Sc.), Université de Montréal ; Mélanie Perroux (M.Sc.), Université de Montréal.