Research Chair Pocosa

The Research Chair Policies, Knowledge and Health (Pocosa/Politiques, Connaissances, Santé) is funded from the Applied Public Health Chairs Program of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). It also receives financial support from the University of Montreal Public Health Research Institute (IRSPUM),  the Nursing Faculty of Université de Montréal and the Université de Montréal.

The Canadian Nurses Association’s (CNA) is the decision-making partner of the Pocosa Research Chair. The CNA is a pan-canadian organism of public representation which speaks for and represents registered nurses on nursing and health issues to the public, governments and other organizations through political action, representation and leadership.

The mission of the Pocosa Research Chair is to support the development and implementation of reforms to improve healthcare system performance and sustainability in Canada.

The combined impacts of demographic change, technological development and taxation constraints threaten the sustainability of public healthcare systems. Moreover, the persistence of inequalities in access to healthcare, limited access to healthcare services—especially at the primary care level—and problems related to care continuity and comprehensiveness testify to the difficulty of reforming health systems. Yet there is strong evidence of the effectiveness of several avenues of intervention to address the above-mentioned challenges. The challenge facing us is not so much knowing what to do, but rather identifying how to do what we know is needed.

Drawing on concepts from the fields of knowledge transfer, political science, organizational theory and public administration, the aim of the PoCoSa Research Chair is to inform health policies based on available scientific knowledge.


Annual Reports