Pocosa Team

The chair ended its activities in early 2020. But while it existed the PoCoSa chair was a collective endeavour bringing together a group of truly amazing people. The information below is completely outdated but those people all rock in their own ways. 

Mélanie Perroux, M.Sc. in Public Health, Chair Director.

Mélanie Perroux is Head of the Research Unit at the University of Montreal Public Health Research Institute (IRSPUM) as well as the University of Montreal Faculty of Nursing. She coordinates several research projects on the organization of healthcare systems in Canada. Her research interests relate to physicians’ compensation and to interprofessional collaboration models applied to the primary health system. For the past several years, she has been concerned mainly with knowledge transfer, both to policymakers and to the public at large.

Anne Lardeux, Head of Communications.

Anne Lardeux is interested in public policies, particularly in those that apply to health, and in the words and images that fuel them.


Postdoctoral fellows

Annie Carrier, Occupational Therapist, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Montreal.

Annie Carrier has been an occupational therapist since 1996 (Université Laval) and is a part-time lecturer at the School of Rehabilitation in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke. As a clinician, Annie has worked in a variety of frontline services. She holds a B.A. in Psychology (1993), two master’s degrees (Law and Health Policy, 2008; Clinical Sciences, 2010), a micro-program diploma in teaching in higher education (2013) and a Ph.D. (Clinical Sciences, 2015). Her research interests centre around the ethical, legal, administrative and organizational aspects of professional practice and their role in health professionals’ clinical reasoning. As part of her postdoctoral training, Annie is studying knowledge transfer strategies among organizational and policy decision-makers and related ethical dimensions.

Oumar Mallé Samb, Postdoctoral Fellow, Université de Sherbrooke.

Oumar Mallé Samb obtained a Ph.D. in Public Health from the University of Montreal Faculty of Medicine. Trained in sociology, he holds two master’s degrees (Research in education and social problems and Sociological studies and social enquiry from the Université Victor Segalen de Bordeaux 2, France). His research interests focus on equity in health and access to care for vulnerable populations. Since 2015, he is a postdoctoral fellow under the joint supervision of Damien Contandriopoulos and Christine Loignon.

Doctoral students

Natalie Stake-Doucet, RN, MSc (A) is co founder of the group McGill Nurses for Healthy Policy. She’s worked alongside marginalised populations in mental health, in Montreal and Gaspesie. Originally destined to be a nurse practitioner, she veered into research after the seismic shifts in healthcare caused by law 10. She is currently a doctoral student at the Nursing Faculty of Université de Montréal under the supervision of Damien Contandriopoulos. She is studying the phenomena of nurses as political agents as well as the nursing role in the application of evaluation models of the healthcare system.

MA Candidates

Maude Charron, Clinical Nurse, candidate for the Master’s in Nursing Science, University of Montreal, recipient of the 2014–2015 Master’s Grant.

Since obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Maude Charron has worked in different hospital settings and primary care clinics. From those experiences she gained a deeper understanding of Quebec’s health system and its challenges. Equally interested in the clinical, educational and scientific aspects of nursing profession, she embarked on the master’s program in nursing science in 2014. Her field of interest is primary care and interprofessional collaboration from the standpoint of the broader nursing scope of practice needed to improve the performance of primary care services.

Emilie Dufour, Clinical Nurse, Candidate for the Master’s in Nursing Science, University of Montreal, recipient of the 2015–2016 Master’s Grant. She completed her bachelor’s degree in 2012 at the University of Sherbrooke and headed into community care thereafter. For three years she worked as a community health nurse in ongoing care and home care in a health/ ​​physics / medicine program. Her field of interest focuses on the exploration of modalities available to the organization to evaluate the nurse’s performance in primary care. Having participated in internships in remote areas during her college education, she is interested in establishing comparisons of the issue between an urban center and a health center in Northern Quebec.

Yan Giroux, B. Sc. Inf (c), Candidate for the Master’s in Nursing Science, University of Montreal, recipient of the 2016–2017 Master’s Grant. Through his baccalaureate cursus, Yan has developped a research interest regarding patients with a reduced autonomy and a best integration of health services. His project research will analyse variations in the access mechanisms to housing and their differential efficience across the province of Quebec.



Arnaud Duhoux, Faculty of Nursing, Université de Montréal.

Mylaine Breton, Department of Community Health Sciences, Research Centre of CSSS Champlain – Charles-Le Moyne, Université de Sherbrooke.