Doctoral Research Grant

The Research Chair – Pocosa/Policies, Knowledge and Health is offering a doctoral research grant for one year for a research project dealing with health policies or with innovative primary care models and that are relevant to the Research Chair’s mandate.

Grant Amount: 20 000$

  • Application deadline: February 1st, 2016
  • Announcement of results:  February 29, 2016

Eligibility requirements

  • Having submitted or prepared a request for admission to a doctoral program in one of the following health-related disciplines: nursing, public health, administration, anthropology, law, economics, political science;
  • Being accepted into, and registering for, a full-time regular program;
  • Being supervised or co-supervised by the chair holder, Damien Contandriopoulos;
  • Making a commitment to participate in the scientific activities of the Research Chair in Policies, Knowledge and Health;
  • Making a commitment to present funding request to external funding agencies such as FRQ-S or CIHR.

Documents to be submitted

  • A presentation letter (500 words maximum) describing your academic career, your career aspirations, and how your research interests are related to the themes of the Research Chair;
  • A summary of your research project (500 words maximum, excluding references);
  • A curriculum vitae that includes: studies and degrees obtained; scholarships, distinctions and awards received; publications, communications, and research experience;
  • Official transcripts for your university studies. For all documents submitted in a language other than English or French, a certified translation must be provided, in either French or English. For transcripts coming from countries outside of North America, include a letter explaining the grading systems used in the educational establishment concerned
  • Two letters of reference (including one from your master’s degree supervisor);
  • A copy of your request for admission to a doctoral program or proof of registration.

Selection criteria

  • Excellence of the academic record
    – scholarships and distinctions;
    – communications and publications;
    – research experience and training internship.
  • Quality of the Project
    – clarity of objectives;
    – appropriateness of the methodology;
    – originality of the project and convergence with the work of the Chair.
  • Personal and professional qualities

(Requests may be presented in French or English.)

Incomplete applications will not be considered

An electronic version of the documents in PDF format must be sent to Anne Lardeux, Head of Communications.